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Striking graphic design and printing services from Printingprogress, graphic designers and printers in Kent

Christmas Cards, 100's of options, Great Branding Solutions.

Christmas Cards.
100's of options
Great Branding Solutions.

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We have a huge range of over 7000 products to boost your brand. Click on our catalogue to see the whole collection.

Bromley Business Awards Finalist

If you're a company, then you'll understand that you need to shout to get your voice heard. Do you hear that 'background commotion'? That's your competitors, and they're currently making more noise than you. So … how do you go about rectifying this?


The best way to get your voice heard above the cacophony of rival businesses is to establish a clear and consistent brand for yourself. A clearly-defined image for your company will help identify you and will both promote and inspire customer loyalty. If people repeatedly see happy customers gaining benefits from your branded products, then they will want to investigate for themselves.

No idea how to establish your brand? Then don't worry, as THE graphic designers in Kent we at Printingprogress are here to don our capes and come to your rescue.


A great brand design is … well … great, but you have to get it out into the hands and minds of your customers.. When it comes to the hard copy side of things, then you need go no further than to the end of our street … and then come right back again as we print as well as design! We can print your logo on over 7,000 different items, from apparel to gifts and just about anything you can imagine.
Have we inspired you to take the next step, we certainly hope so!
Please call Printingprogress, printers and graphic designers in Kent on 020 8290 1010 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We have recently rebranded and I needed a complete reprint of our stationery, naturally I contacted Printingprogress for this.

I have worked with Printingprogress for 3 years now and I’ve always been happy with the service provided but on this occasion even more so…

I want my business cards to be a talking point when I hand them over, it’s so important because it’s that one moment you have to create a great first impression.

We have a style called Spot UV which is where my logo is slightly raised and therefore it is noticeable when you run your hands over it - this almost always triggers a conversation which will involve “I love your business cards…”

For my reprint, I had a call from Louise to say that she was not happy with the end result and that she was going to reprint them (no charge) and that I can still have the ones that she was not happy with…

To know that Louise has these high standards fills me with enormous confidence, I cannot see anything wrong with the original print run, but I know that Louise is looking out for me so I can continue to make a great first impression with my cards.

I wholeheartedly recommend Printingprogress, the experience from start to finish is always excellent and the value I receive is outstanding

Kind regards
Nathan Kelsey


Inspiration for Printing

Just some of our many amazing design and prints.

  • Logo Design

    Logo Design

    Your company logo and branding are the first impression potential client experiences of your brand or service before they even meet you. Your image can make or break your reputation and that is why we focus on providing high quality, original brand designs.
  • Illustration


    Our work ranges from hand rendered pencil and ink, through to digital painting 2D game designs and high resolution illustration. We can produce character designs, book and editorial illustrations, personal caricatures and portraits, reproductions from photos, t-shirt designs, 2D game sprites and sequential art (storyboards and comic strips).
  • Flyers & Leaflets

    Flyers & Leaflets

    We can produce high-end multi folded leaflets in any shape or size on paper/card stock of your choice and a simple yet effective flyer for mailing or door dropping. So whatever the purpose or target audience we have the product to make an impact. We love the circular and heart shaped leaflet as they really stand out amongst other flyers on your doorstep!
  • Living Logo

    Living Logo

    Our living logo is made from high grade PVC which is filled with moss or lichen in a choice of 8 shades: lime green, forest green, pacific blue, black, purple, raspberry, red, apricot. The clever bit is that the sap of the plant is replaced with a bio friendly glycerin which does not affect its naturally beautiful features - it does, however, eliminate the need for any maintenance! The living logo can be made to any shape up to eighteen thousand sq. cm and can consist of your lettering or a logo and requires no aftercare from you at all.
  • USB's


    We offer 27 different fully branded USB products including USB's as Wristbands, Pens or Business Cards, with storage from 512MB right up to 64GB. We accept ordersfrom as little as 25 units up to thousands, with a choice of Screen Printing, Photo Printing, Laser Engraving or Embossing. All USB's are available blank or preloaded with your presentations, product catalogues, movie or music files or any other promotional material you require. If you have a specific USB in mind then we can source it.

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