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    As one of Lewisham’s leading professional printers, we can guarantee impressive, effective and bespoke prints, time after time. We offer a wide range of products and services, from custom-made business cards and stationery, to vehicle graphics and website design. Our combined 50 years of experience allows us to excel in knowledge and expertise around business, charity and personal printing needs. We will work alongside your objectives to design and create material that will increase your levels of recognition, set the tone of your occasion or heighten the levels of excitement for your event. We have a strong team consisting of digital printers, illustrators and graphic designers and so can take on any project from any angle, simply and effectively.

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    At Printingprogress, our team have a wealth of experience in their specialities, ensuring that we can handle any project with any requirement to the highest standard. Unlike other print shops within Lewisham, we are able to make contact with you via your phone number or email address throughout the entirety of the process, updating you on our progress regularly. We will then have your completed product delivered to your chosen location in Lewisham or the surrounding areas, meaning that there will be no need for you to travel out of your way for collection. Whether you require personal print products with a regular printing service, or a one-off corporate such as a collection of business cards, we will be able to produce your material within a fast and effective turnaround, allowing you to place that last minute order for that all-important event without any stress or hassle.

    Lewisham designs?

    Not only do we print your pre-designed materials, we can also assist you with the creation of your own bespoke designs, fit for your personal requirements. From event invitations to fresh and effective poster prints, we will use our expertise to strategically plan the most effective layout, ensuring that you receive the greatest impact from your print product. From simple and minimalistic designs, to those which explode with a range of colours, illustrations and information, our knowledge on Lewisham based businesses will allow nothing but a perfect print design that captures the attention of your targeted audience.

    Lewisham Design

    Not only do we print your pre-designed materials, we can also assist you with the creation of your own bespoke designs, fit for your personal requirements. From event invitations to fresh and effective poster prints, we will use our expertise to strategically plan the most effective layout, ensuring that you receive the greatest impact from your print product. From simple and minimalistic designs, to those which explode with a range of colours, illustrations and information, our knowledge on Lewisham based businesses will allow nothing but a perfect print design that captures the attention of your targeted audience.

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    If you are seeking professional printers in Lewisham, you have found what you are looking for! Ranging from print to illustration and graphic design, we can cover every angle and exceed any requirement. To discuss your printing needs with us further, get in touch by calling us on 0800 999 1094 or using our email address, You can also fill out the contact form below and we will gladly get back to you.


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      printing services

      Branded Clothing Lewisham

      Branded clothing

      Branded clothing is a simple, yet effective way to create an impact. With the ability to brand any garment, we can personalise hoodies, t-shirts, hats and even socks for your business, allowing you to make a smart and professional impression that counts.

      Branding Lewisham


      The purpose of branding is to reinforce your businesses identity often enough for it to become memorable. With over 50 years of experience combined, our team will work with you to assist greater and more effective ways of using your existing branding, or can create new designs from scratch, considering every aspect and allowing a fresh and greater impact.

      Brochures Lewisham


      With everything being online these days, there is something special about handheld brochures. The probability that these will be read more than an online advertisement is high, so we make this opportunity count. We will carefully consider the options of colour, font, sizing and placement to ensure the most effective outcome from your brochures and have them completed and printed within a fast turnaround, allowing you to distribute them around Lewisham sooner than you would imagine.

      Business Cards Lewisham

      Business cards

      When distributing business cards, it is your aim to allow the recipient to remember your smiling face and supportive services. Why not take this even further and distribute cards which you know will make a lasting impression on their own. From high-gloss card to metallic and wooden finishes, you can be sure that every card will spring a unique reminder to an old contact’s mind.

      Corporate Gifts Lewisham

      Corporate gifts

      Nothing expresses gratitude like a corporate gift. Allow them to feel cherished with a product that is tastefully personalised with your name or brand, creating a small reminder of your services each time it is used.

      Embroidery Lewisham


      From the years before us, embroidery has been a skill which has only improved over time. At Printingprogress, we are able to embroider slogans, logos, names or quotes onto any garment. From hoodies to caps, we guarantee a stunning piece of embroidery which looks as though it belongs effortlessly and lasts the long run.

      Event Invitations Lewisham

      Event invitations

      With pre-designed templates or the option of having a bespoke design made for you, the options here are endless. We will use our knowledge of you and the product to produce a design that matches the theme and ties together with the occasion.

      Flyers Lewisham


      Our flyer service allows you to spread your message quickly. We will dedicate ourselves to your flyers, carefully considering the colour, font and placement ideas that will create the strongest impact and have them printed and delivered to you faster than you could spell the word ‘flyer’!

      Folded Flyers Lewisham

      Folded flyers

      Folded flyers create the opportunity to hold more information, whether it be text or illustration, into a solo piece of material. We like to think of our folded flyers as books and so create them with your story in mind, allowing the reader to find out more about your background and services with each section that they unfold.

      Funeral Printing Lewisham

      Funeral printing

      During such difficult and emotional times, we are here to support you. Allow us to design and produce stunning yet emotive prints that summarise the life within and can be treasured even after the ceremony by all in attendance as an item of remembrance.


      Graphic design

      Graphic design covers everything from your company logo to the look of your website. Our experienced team of graphic designers know how to work in every medium to achieve the very best results. We will walk you through the most cutting-edge schemes, finding the best way to get your message across.

      Illustration Lewisham


      In recent years, illustrations have experienced a revival. Today, a bespoke illustration is a tried and tested way of getting across even the most complex message. Our team of specialists will create illustrations that capture attention and gain impact.

      Log Design Lewisham

      Logo design

      Creating a company logo is often the most important and considered piece of graphic design that a business will undertake. Working with a team that takes the time to really understand the message your business wants to convey whilst ensuring that the completed product remains current and clear is an important step to take. Over the years, we have created logos for local and large businesses in Lewisham that will stand out from the crowd for years to come.

      Menu Printing Lewisham

      Menu printing

      The restaurant business is fast moving and ever changing. With seasonal adjustments, specials to promote and a range of choices to set out, a well-designed menu is vital in ensuring the success of your business. Whether you need something complex and intricate, or straightforward and durable, our design team can help to take you through all of the options to ensure that everything is set out clearly

      Outdoor Banners Lewisham

      Outdoor banners

      Do you have a special event, a new promotion or perhaps a new service of which you would like to communicate? An outdoor banner is a fast and effective way to get your message out there. Outdoor banners come in all shapes and sizes, with a range of many materials and finishes to choose from. Allow us to help design the most impactful banner and make sure that the choice of material and print method is suitable for your needs.

      Packaging Lewisham


      Utilising your packaging to promote your brand is effective and straightforward. We have worked with clients to produce packaging that aligns their brand and promotes their business. However, branded packaging doesn’t simply advertise, it also provides an opportunity to convey your message to a wider audience.

      Pavement Signs Lewisham

      Pavement signs

      Pavement signs capture passing trade and extend your marketing opportunity right onto the high street. We create durable, weatherproof and cost-efficient pavement signs that can advertise your services, opening hours or even a special event. We can recommend the best materials for you and create the most eye-catching designs that really stand out.

      Poster Lewisham


      Posters come in a variety of formats, some large and some small, some indoors and others outdoors. Whatever the size or location, a well-designed poster is sure to grab attention and attract business. Talk to us about incorporating posters into your marketing strategy and we can guide you through the entire process from design to installation.

      Printing Lewisham


      Day to day printing can take up a lot of your time and needs to be accurate, reliable, flexible and innovative. Whether you are starting from scratch or perhaps considering a new supplier, we can work with you to achieve the highest quality with the most cost-effective solutions to all of your printing needs.

      Promotional Products Lewisham

      Promotional products

      If you are not already using promotional products then perhaps now is the time to talk! We provide essential promotional materials in a wide range of sizes and shapes and can offer something that is right for any event or promotion.

      Rigid Media Lewisham

      Rigid media

      Display a clear and concise message whilst creating an impact. Our rigid media service allows you to effectively shout your message from the rooftops. No print is too large. Give us the message and we will display it however you need.


      Signage and large-format print

      Are you in need of a large promotional print? Our signage and large format print services offer you endless opportunities for you to get your message across. With weather resistant finishes available, you have the option of placing your large print format in any location, such as on scaffolding or on the side of a building, resting assured that no matter its placement, it will be clear to see.

      Stationery Lewisham


      Our stationery is continually printed with the most robust materials, therefore being ideal for distribution between your customers. From calendars to notepads, we will make your branding clear, allowing a positive reminder of your business and the services that you offer each time that the item is used or observed.

      Stickers Lewisham


      Promotional material doesn’t always need to be dominant, large and eye-catching. Subtle forms can be just as effective. The use of stickers amongst your packaging can be the small detail that catches the recipients’ eye. These smaller forms are also easily accessible when needed at that last minute within your office, with the ability to stick them to anything outgoing at the drop of a hat.


      Vehicle graphics

      Posters, flyers, pavement signs – they are all great to promote your services within Lewisham, but why not expand your levels of promotion to the surrounding areas with vehicle graphics? By mounting a cleverly designed combination of your logo, name and services, you will be guaranteed to catch the eyes of residents in the areas in and around of Lewisham.

      Website Design in Lewisham

      Website design

      When your website gets viewed, design goes a long way. Ditch that dull, bland homepage and brighten it up with the help of our graphic designers and illustrators. With carefully considered placements, colours, fonts and sizes, we can ensure that your website will be exceedingly successful with the use of a glamorous transformation.


      Wedding printing

      When planning your wedding, you will undoubtably have several other things on your to-do list that overtake the need for your wedding prints. Don’t let this cause you any stress – we are here to lend a supportive hand! We can use ready-made templates, or create bespoke prints tailored to match the theme of your day. From invites and thank you notes, to poster prints for décor, we can handle it so that you don’t have to!

      How to find your printers in Lewisham

      Here at Printingprogress, we are here to simplify your schedule. All means of communication will be carried out over the phone or via email, with us delivering the final product to your door upon completion. We will never expect you to travel to our shop, but of course, you are more than welcome to make an appointment to visit us should you wish to meet our friendly faces in person! Here is how you can find us:

      By car: Just a straight 14-minute drive away from Lewisham Highstreet, we are closer than you think. Head down through the high street, passing Lewisham Hospital and entering Catford. Continue on through Downham and entering Bromley, passing The Bromley Court Hotel on your right. When you approach Travelodge on your right, start keeping your eyes out for us. We will be on the left hand-side of the road, adjacent to the traffic lights and awaiting your arrival!

      By public transport: Hop on board the 208 bus from Lewisham Highstreet, directly outside KFC, and remain on board for the next 27 minutes. Depart the bus at the Farwig Lane stop, opposite the Travelodge and continue to walk down for two minutes until you see our black shop on the corner of the main road

      We are proud to have been recognised for our work and achievements over the years. Alongside being the 2022 Business Excellence Awards Winner for Most Innovative Graphic Design & Illustration Agency UK, winning the 2022 Approved Wedding Professionals – Best Stationery Designer for Customer Experience award, and being a 2022 Muse Gold Winner, we have a fair few other awards under our belts, such as:

      2022 Business Excellence Awards Winner for Most Innovative Graphic Design & Illustration Agency UK

      2022 Approved Wedding Professionals – Best Stationery Designer for Customer Experience

      2022 Muse Gold Winner

      2021 Business Awards Winner for Best Design & Print Agency UK

      2020 Business Excellence Awards Winner for the Best Graphic Design & Illustration Studio in the UK

      Hermes Creative Awards Winner in 2019 and 2020

      Hermes Award for Logo Design 2020, alongside the Muse Creative – Silver recognition award

      Marcom Awards 2019 Winner for Event Design of the Year

      Muse Creative Awards Winner for Marketing and Promotional of the Year 2019

      2021 Muse Silver Award

      If you have printing needs in mind for your Lewisham based business or event, get in touch with us by calling 0800 999 1094 or emailing us at where we will be happy to advise and work with you on the best suited print, illustration or graphic design needs to meet and exceed your requirements.