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Welcome to Printingprogress, your gateway to finding exceptional graphic designers in Chiswick. Nestled along the picturesque banks of the River Thames, Chiswick has long been a haven for artists, creatives, and innovators. Its streets echo with the footsteps of a community deeply invested in the arts, making it the perfect backdrop for Printingprogress – a studio that thrives on turning imagination into visual masterpieces. Our speciality is crafting your brand identity through visual stories- whether through captivating logos, compelling business cards, or show-stopping trade show booths.

Boasting a cumulative five decades of industry expertise, our team stands as Cheshire’s premier creative studio and agency. Let’s kick-start your brand’s visual evolution by calling 0800 999 1094 or dropping us a line at!

Printingprogress – a premium
graphic design studio in Chiswick

At Printingprogress, we create visual stories that highlight your company’s values to both local and national audiences. We do not believe in creating a basic design for your brand- we create newsletters, hoardings, logos, and other promotional materials that boost your company domestically and locally.

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Next day delivery is available if ordered before 10am. For any urgent orders, please contact our team to discuss your requirements.


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    Crafting your visual identity
    in Chiswick

    Our graphic designers in Chiswick tailor bespoke solutions, ensuring your visual identity stands out amidst the creativity that defines this community.

    Logo design in Chiswick: define your brand

    Your logo is a lot more than a symbol. It acts like a signature for your brand. Investing in a customised logo is essential if you want that competitive edge in the market. Our talented visual designers do not just create logos; they craft experiences that linger with your customers. Whether you bring your own ideas or let us whip up three fresh logos, be prepared for a lasting impact. Worried about the cost? Fear not! We will give you a fair estimate, and with our expertise, we are more than qualified to exceed your expectations.


    Graphic design for print in Chiswick

    You can keep your consumers interested with our printed, personalised marketing materials made to your exact specifications.

    • Brochures
    • Leaflets
    • Flyers
    • Packaging
    • Corporate gifts
    • Signage
    • Posters
    • Banners

    All our prices are transparent with no hidden cost. If you are curious about our services, email us at or call 0800 999 1094 for a complimentary consultation!

    Graphic design for the digital world
    in Chiswick

    Chiswick is a cultural melting pot with theatres, galleries, and cultural events dotting its landscape. Moreover, with rising local markets and independent boutiques, having an online presence is a necessity for brands to survive.

    Our graphic designers in Chiswick are committed to crafting tailor-made graphics that amplify your digital presence. Elevate your email campaigns with our expertise, ensuring optimal sales conversion rates. You can try our customised newsletters to captivate readers and maintain their engagement. In short, we offer an array of services, from user-friendly navigation to visually striking designs perfectly aligned with your brand’s unique character.



    Chiswick’s leading team of
    expert graphic designers

    Meet our superheroes- our squad of highly skilled graphic designers across Chiswick, committed to elevating your brand’s visual story. As we invest time in understanding your brand and ensuring every design reflects your unique identity, we do the same with our talents. We foster a continuous environment of growth and learning through in-house training programs. This not only keeps us at the forefront of industry trends but also allows us to deeply connect with the essence of your business, bringing forth a multitude of inventive ideas and unparalleled expertise.

    Explore our design portfolio

    Take a look at our design portfolio, then get in touch with us to create captivating marketing materials for your company.


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    Celebrate with us as we showcase our graphic design achievements. Each award is a testament to our commitment to creative brilliance, a commitment that will elevate your brand to new heights.

    2022 Business Excellence Awards Winner for Most Innovative Graphic Design & Illustration Agency UK

    2022 Approved Wedding Professionals – Best Stationery Designer for Customer Experience

    2022 Muse Gold Winner

    2021 Business Awards Winner for Best Design & Print Agency UK

    2020 Business Excellence Awards Winner for the Best Graphic Design & Illustration Studio in the UK

    Hermes Creative Awards Winner in 2019 and 2020

    Hermes Award for Logo Design 2020, alongside the Muse Creative – Silver recognition award

    Marcom Awards 2019 Winner for Event Design of the Year

    Muse Creative Awards Winner for Marketing and Promotional of the Year 2019

    2021 Muse Silver Award

    Let Printingprogress be your partner in design excellence. Book your complimentary consultation at 0800 999 1094 or email us at

    Let’s give life to your brand’s vision and ensure your business stands out uniquely.